Effect of the internet on the film and gaming industries

Effect of the internet on the film and gaming industries

The Internet took off on the stage like a hurricane, and, of course, left some destruction on its way. The Internet has changed and completely revolutionized many industries, no more than in the entertainment business. Below we consider two sectors in the entertainment arena – the analysis analyzes how the Internet has forever changed the worlds of movies and games.

1. The film

As in many other industries, for example, the music industry – the Internet has also changed the face of the film industry, which also suffers heavily from epidemics of piracy and illegal downloads of movies.

Currently, movies can be rented or downloaded directly to your computer (for example, from iTunes), which inexorably carves out a local DVD rental store down the street. Many predict that in the foreseeable future, films will be distributed via the Internet to a movie theater and a mass consumer at the same time.

Therefore, a long time waiting for the release of the film on DVD will not, instead, customers will feel instant satisfaction watching the film on the day of release, without leaving the cinema.

The Internet has changed the way movies are viewed. We no longer appeal to a film critic in our local newspaper to find out what he / she should say. On the Internet everyone gets a voice, and all the critics.

People read more reviews on the Internet than in print. In fairness, it should be said that the verdict of the Internet community can either do or break the film release, and I’m sure this is a terrible thought for the studio executives.

2. Gaming

Consider for a moment the gaming industry and how the Internet has changed its existence. Many years ago, all children had to meet in someone’s house to play with each other in Nintendo. Already no!

At present they not only do not have to be in the same room, but they do not even have to live on the same continent! The Internet has changed and improved the consumer experience with regard to games, which has now become a reality to play competitors around the world from your own home.

The technology and expertise that comes into play today has increased five hundred times from the good old days of Pac-Man. Game developers can contribute to any geographical location in the world, resulting in an incredibly impressive product and, ultimately, excellent customer experience.

It’s not such a crazy prediction that one day even gaming consoles will become obsolete, as all functions will be performed on the Internet.

So, the message … Do not forget about how the Internet has changed your business – something that looks like a night.

Act NOW – learn the basics of how the Internet can work for you, seriously improve your business proposal … then gradually build up your online presence from there.

Is a high end video card necessary to play games

There is a certain stigma against integrated graphics and low-end graphics cards. Computer enterprises will always try to win consumers with the help of the fastest computer equipment and the latest computer components. Consequently, many computer users are misled, believing that they need a high-quality video card to perform common tasks, such as watching movies and performing small photo compilations.

cheap gaming computer graphicsIn truth, today’s low-budget video cards are powerful enough to run your DVDs and video files. They can also allow you to resize, repaint and update digital photos.

The only reason for purchasing a high-quality video card is to use intensive and resource-intensive multimedia programs and applications. Web designers and graphic artists will need high-performance computer hardware and software to customize their interactive projects.

A high-quality video card is also needed if you want to play the latest computer games. Some games have minimal system requirements to run. Low graphics cards will not be able to download the latest games. The main video cards can download these games, but the player will suffer from intermittent frame rate, low response time and backlog in the game. A more powerful video card can improve the gameplay by including full display settings.

Some multimedia professionals, gamers and PC enthusiasts will not even be satisfied with a single video card. They will connect two or four video cards together – now it is possible thanks to the new technologies from Nvidia and ATI – and eventually it turns out to be an extremely powerful machine that displays very detailed graphics and incredibly smooth animations. Of course, the average computer user does not need these graphic effects.

Therefore, assess your computing needs before buying the latest video cards nVidia or ATI. If you just use your computer to bring home a little work from the office, a unit with the main components of the computer and integrated graphics can easily do this work for you.

Spectacle and A Pen

Spectacle and A Pen

It’s no secret that gaming can be one of the most productive actions that ensure the personal development of people so that they can favorably influence the development of their societies. Unfortunately, these creatively designed applications, more commonly known as electronic or video games that function on consoles, such as the X-box and gaming station on computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices, have been negatively branded as evil by some critics. While it’s not totally unwarranted given the well-known stories of misogynistic harassment and threats that at one point threatened to eat up the gaming community, is it fair to write off an entire community due to actions of a few? There is an urgent need to give a convincing answer to these unscrupulous critics who dwell solely on the untidy shortcomings of games in order to plunge all their advantages into disrepute.

gamerThe game has various advantages for the physical, mental and psychological development of people. It represents the virtual reality of the world and its activities and offers excellent lessons that are applicable to the settings of the real world. For example, in games there are three key factors of success in education at the level of high school. This is entertainment, interest and motivation. Thus, when games are laconically intertwined in the curriculum of students, this increases their interest in teaching and learning activities while meeting their entertainment needs.

In addition, games help students develop decision-making skills. Many video games, such as CoD, provide opportunities when one player who assumes the role of a character takes quick and quick decisions. This repels the possibility of making decisions by a person. Some games require the player to solve problems, usually similar to the countless problems that arise in the real world. This requires an exhibition of high-level thinking skills. Thus, because a person quickly proposes solutions to each of the problems that he faces, he develops his problem-solving skills, which are key determinants of success in real life.

In addition, teamwork, team building and teamwork skills are enhanced by playing electronic games. Games such as DOTA require that the player work with the team to overcome common problems, etc. Thus, participation in games of such games fosters the spirit of creating a human team that is very important in today’s organizational development.

In addition, he instructs people to be resourceful, because some games offer some logistics and resources that the player must use effectively to generate more information. In business in the real world, the same resources are provided to employees, whom they are expected to use to maximize the turnover of commercial organizations. Interestingly, this skill is taught through playing electronic games, such as Age of Empires, SimCity, etc.

The wrist exercise is one of the often neglected benefits to the health of games. However, this prevents neurodegenerative brain disorder that disables the dopamine neurotransmitter, which is responsible for providing muscle movement called Parkinson. The active involvement of the brain in multi-tasking helps him to work better, all this helps to prevent this state of health.
It is interesting that the shooting skills of fighter pilots who fired from long distances were reinforced by playing video games. Shooting from individual targets improves the coordination of hands and eyes, motor and spatial skills.

Unfortunately, a hardcore game of electronic games without proper moderation has its own adverse effects, which are often exaggerated by dishonest game critics. These include the susceptibility of children to violent activities and thus makes them more aggressive with less empathy. Therefore, it is said that such children are engaged in antisocial behavior. In addition, they are less sociable, as they are constantly glued to their personal computers, playing video games. Negative health hazards have also been recognized. The rampant game of video games causes some children to be obese, while others have muscle, postures and skeletal disorders due to a long fixed posture when playing electronic games.

Of course, some of these negative effects from games are justified. However, we must admit that they are the result of the uncensored use of video games. For example, parents should ensure that they allow their children to play violent video games. Developers of gaming applications should mark violent games with specific ages, so that these games are exposed and / or sold to mature people who can distinguish what is happening in a virtual environment from what is happening in real life scenarios. In addition, the time required for playing electronic games should be regulated. Suck all the time and energy when playing electronic games would not bring its positive results, but rather negative consequences.